Fibrwrap Group: Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

Fibrwrap Construction Europe Ltd. (Fibrwrap Group or FCE) has been established in Cyprus in 2009 to provide full technical, financial and planning support and services to its subsidiary companies throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In 2013, Fibrwrap Group has implemented a unique Franchise Construction System to accommodate in a more efficient way the growth requirements for its Territory.

Fibrwrap Group specializes in the design and application (contracting) of structural rehabilitation, strengthening and renovation with the use of new and state of the art technologies. Fibrwrap Group is a global leader in the design and application of advanced composite systems and works closely with its counterpart company Fyfe Europe S.A. ( to assist in the development of the composites market.

Fibrwrap Group is an associate of Aegion Corporation (, the parent company for Insituform, Bayou, Brinderson, Corrpro, CRTS, Fibrwrap, Fyfe and United Pipeline Systems. Aegion's companies are global leaders in infrastructure protection and provide proprietary technologies and services for the corrosion protection of industrial pipelines and for rehabilitating and strengthening sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems, buildings, bridges and tunnels and waterfront structures.

Fibrwrap Group Services include:

The nature of the Fibrwrap Group business is to provide specialized civil engineering contracting services to private or public owners, engineers, and general contractors.


Expansion of Fibrwrap Group existing presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries by the establishment of new business associations (business affiliates or BAs) in the form of subsidiary companies (SCs), Franchise companies (FCs), certified applicator units (CAUs), joint ventures (JVs) or through memorandum of understandings (MOUs) signed with established professionals.


Technical Support of Fibrwrap Group BAs with its specialized construction technologies. The support includes personnel training, engineering support in both design and construction, integration of new technologies in the line of offered products and services, provision and exchange of information among the BAs through an established integrated database.


Financial Support of Fibrwrap Group BAs. This might include support during the establishment of the new spinoffs or the advice and support of the BAs for large projects with demanding financial requirements


Planning and Operational Support of Fibrwrap Group BAs. This includes the monthly, quarterly and annual compilation of detailed plans in conjunction with the BAs and the integration of the BAs’ operations through the provisions of Fibrwrap Group Operations Manual (OpsM).