Fibrwrap Group: Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Fibrwrap Construction Europe Ltd. (Fibrwrap Group or FCE) organizational culture serves as the glue agent among all of its Subsidiary and Franchise Companies. Throughout its territory, people working for Fibrwrap Group or its companies are unified by the common organizational values, visions and norms, as these are described in the Operations Manual (OpsM) and the corresponding Business and Operational Plans.

Fibrwrap Group Code of Ethics regulates the collective behavior of all organizational members with each other and with the clients and stakeholders. The document provides also an easy reference for Fibrwrap Group employees to quickly identify the “do’s” and “don’ts” in their everyday routine and decision making actions. Fibrwrap Group values stability and control with an external focus orientation and value differentiation over integration. Thus, FCE focuses on relationships with suppliers, customers, contractors, legislators, consultants, regulators, etc., while optimizing stability and control through rules, standard operating procedures, and specialized job functions.

Fibrwrap Group is concerned with competitiveness and productivity through emphasis on partnerships and positioning and it values performance rather than processes.