Fibrwrap Group: Structural retrofit of Denver Water, Denver, USA

Market Sector: Pipelines and Liquid Storage Structures

Technology: Fyfe Europe

Country: USA

Structural retrofit of Denver Water, Denver, USA

Project: Structural retrofit of Denver Water
Location: Denver, USA
Client: Denver Water

Scope of Works:
• Structural retrofit of failed pipeline


Project Description:
Denver Water experience a catastrophic failure when a section of 66-inch steel pipeline that conveys water to the northern part of the City, failed due to a sudden rise in surge resulting from a pump failure.
Fibrwrap® Construction was contracted by Denver Water to utilize the patented Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Pipe Rehabilitaion System to structurally retrofit the line installing the required carbon-based Tyfo® SCH-41-2X System in the hoop direction, allowing the pipe back into working pressure capacity as well as accounting for surge pressures.
This method of structural retrofit was selected because no other options were available which would enable a completely trenchless renewal of this magnitude. Both slip-lining and remove-and-replace were prohibitive as the line was located directly underneath the heavily traveled Interstate 25.
The project was completed on schedule and within budget and enable Denver Water to place the line immediately back into service.

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