• Dymat
    Advanced Materials - Research & Development


The core philosophy of DYMAT® is to enhance materials and products to solve industry challenges. DYMAT® accomplishes this by focusing on three main principles: resilience, performance and sustainability. Through university research, finite element modeling, material sourcing, optimization and a dedication to these principles, DYMAT designs over industry challenges and sets a new bar for competition.

The company has developed its patented DYMAT® Dual Seismic Isolation (DuSI) System, a unique seismic isolation system that utilizes DYMAT® Performance Slider (PS) Bearings in combination with the new DYMAT® Carbon-Fiber Reinforced (CFR) Bearings. The DYMAT® PS Bearings provide the energy dissipation while the DYMAT® CFR Bearings provide the restoring force to the structure.

DYMAT® has also developed the SilaCar line of fire-protection silicon-based materials that can be applied on traditional materials (brick, concrete, steel) or can be used in conjunction with FRPs to protect them from the adverse effects of high temperatures.